Farm Share Card

What is a Farm Share?

A Farm Share is a unique way for you to support local farming. It operates like a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you purchase a share card and use that share card to purchase our products. When you purchase a Farm Share card you are investing in our farm. However unlike a traditional CSA where you are given the farmers choice of the harvest at pre-determined times of the season you will be able to choose what you receive and when you receive it.

How Does it Work?

You will purchase a share of the farm and receive a card that functions as a debit card. It will have your farm share dollars loaded on it for you to use at our self serve Farm Stand, at Farmers Markets we attend or to Order Online for pick up.

There are 3 Share sizes to choose from:

Quarter Share has a $400 value and costs $379

Half Share has a $750 value and costs $699

Whole Share has a $1100 value and costs $999

Order Your Share Here—> Farm Share

What Can I Purchase with my Farm Share Card?

You can purchase any product we sell in our stand, online store or at farmers markets with your Farm Share card. The only items that cannot be purchased with a Farm Share card is other Farm Shares we offer such as our Traditional Meat Share or Egg Share.

Does my Farm Share card expire?

No. Farm Share Cards do not expire.

What happens if I lose my farm share card?

We keep track of every members card and will clear the balance of the lost card and re-issue a new card to you.