How We Raise Our Pork?

We raise slow growing heritage breeds that have excellent meat quality you won’t find at your local grocery store. Our hogs roam through woods and pastured fields allowing them to root around foraging some of their diet. They are also supplemented with an all natural locally milled grain. They enjoy chomping on roots, shoots, bugs, hay and are rotated through different areas which prevents build-up of bacteria & diseases. This allows us to not use routine antibiotics or hormones ever.
Our objective is to have healthy animals who are nourished with locally sourced food to not only sustain us & our customers both nutritionally and financially with fresh local beef but to sustain the environment as well.

Why buy our Pork?

Our hogs are raised in a natural environment where they have access to fresh air, open field space & woods. Hogs on our farm are raised humanely and are not just another number. We raise them in small numbers. They are handled daily to ensure there is no stress on them during their lives.
We only use Processing facilities that have been designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, the world’s foremost authority in the humane handling of animals. To ensure they are treated humanely to the very last minute even when not in our care.