About Us

Our self serve honor stand

@ 72 Milford St in Medway

is fully stocked with

beef, pork, chicken, turkey,

goat, lamb & eggs

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Quarter, Half & Whole cows go to butcher Monthly. Your meat will be ready approximately 3-4 weeks after they go to butcher. 2022 is sold out we are now reserving into the first quarter of 2023

Our current Beef butcher dates for 2023 are January 2nd, February 5th & March 5th. When you select a month to put a deposit down your beef will be ready approx 3-4 weeks after the listed dates above.

1/4 Cow is a flat price of $1000 Click for 1/4 Cow Description

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Half Cow is $6.50/lb hanging weight Click for 1/2 Cow Description

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Whole Cow is $6/lb hanging weight Click for Whole Cow Description

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Whole Hog

Our heritage hogs are pasture & woods raised from farrow to finish on our farm meaning they spend their entire life on our farm.  We process 2 times per year in Early Spring & Early Fall. 2023 Dates for whole hogs are March 8th & April 5th. Your cuts will be ready about 2-3 weeks and smoked meats will be ready about 4 weeks after those dates.

Purchasing a whole hog is an economical way to support small local grown meat while giving you the ability to choose what cuts of pork your family will receive.

The cost is $5/lb hanging weight plus the smoking fee which is a direct cost from the processor. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your hog. The final cost minus the deposit is due when the first pick-up happens. The smoking fee of $2.35/lb of smoked meat is due when the smoked meat is picked up. The smoking fee is subject to change based on the processors cost. Hanging weights average between 175-225 pounds. This yields about 120-160 lbs of quality raised pork cuts. A whole hog will be around $1000 plus Smoking cost. You will fill out your own cut sheet with our help and pick the meat up from our farm stand when it comes back from the butcher. Cuts will come back first then if you choose smoked meats those will come back a few weeks later. 1 whole hog will not yield enough poundage of trim to meet the linked sausage requirement at our processor.  You can choose to trade back all or part of your ground pork to us for linked sausage in any of the varieties we offer.

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Our turkeys are pasture raised and supplemented with an all natural locally milled feed. Turkeys are Fresh Frozen at the only local processor at the end of October. We still have Turkeys available for the holiday season.

Fresh Frozen Turkey needs 1 day for every 4-5lbs to thaw safely in the fridge. All  Turkeys are $5.99/lb and you can reserve yours below.

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Where We Grow More Than Just Pumpkins

We are a small diversified farm operated by Jason & Nicole Lobisser. We started out growing pumpkins for local farm stands in 2004 so hence the name The Pumpkin Farm!

We have grown over the years and changed many aspects of our farm. We raise all of our livestock in Millis on leased land we gained access to in 2012. We started off small growing Pumpkins & Vegetables and soon expanded into Eggs, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chevon & Chicken that we offered for sale at our home in Medway at our self serve honor stand and at local farmers markets.

Our farm is operated using sustainable farming practices and we use no synthetic fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide or fungicide. Instead we plant green manures & apply compost to the fields, practice crop rotation, weed mechanically & by hand, and use row covers on crops to protect from pests. Our animals have plenty of outside access, in fields or in the forest.

Our farm is a SNAP authorized retailer. Please contact us to learn how to purchase our products with SNAP

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  1. I live in Medway and would be very interested in what you have to offer as far as a CSA or any other special programs. Where is the roadside stand located??
    Nancy McDonald

    • Hi Nancy, Our roadside stand is located at 72 Milford St in Medway. The stand is open as a self serve stand everyday from June-October and there is a farmer there on Monday’s and Wednesdays from about 4-7pm (later during the summer months) from the beginning of June until the end of October. Thank you for your interest.

  2. I am interested in carrots. Do you have any now and do I have to be part of the CSA to purchase them? If not what time could I buy them? Thanks

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