How We Raise Our Beef?

Our cattle roam through woods and pastured fields. Their diet is mostly pasture, grass silage and hay. We supplement with minerals, our own produce & brewers grain that we get from local breweries. Grass in the form of hay, silage & pasture is available to them at all times from calf until their final day on our farm. Cows have tough four chamber stomachs which enable them to not only digest grasses but other forage crops. They also have a well developed sense of taste and enjoy eating various types of forage. We supplement our cattle with a locally sourced brewers grain.  We like to find ways to feed our cattle that reduce the time it takes for them to get to market thereby reducing their carbon footprint. What better way than using a by-product that would normally be thrown away and reducing the length of time our cattle needs to get to market weight. Our pastures & hay growing conditions are not always perfect due to our unpredictable New England weather. This provides our animals with a balanced diet even if optimal growing conditions for their feed are not on our side from one year to the next.
All our cattle’s hay and silage is produced by our farm from our own fields. We never buy in hay from other regions it is all local and produced by us. Our fields & pastures are herbicide, fungicide and pesticide free. The hay fields are fertilized with compost we make from all our own animals on the farm. Cattle are rotated through different areas which prevents build-up of bacteria & diseases. This allows us to not use routine antibiotics or hormones ever.
Our objective is to have healthy animals who are nourished with locally sourced food to not only sustain us & our customers both nutritionally and financially with fresh local beef but to sustain the environment as well.

Why buy our Beef?

Our beef cattle are raised in a natural environment where they have access to fresh air, grass & woods. Cattle on our farm are raised humanely and are not just another number. We raise them in small numbers. They are handled daily to ensure there is no stress on them during their lives. When they are young they run around and play with our goats and when we have time we play along with them all.
We only use Processing facilities that have been designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, the world’s foremost authority in the humane handling of animals. To ensure they are treated humanely to the very last minute even when not in our care.

Where do your cattle come from?

We slowly but surely building our herd of beef cows. We also source calves from local dairies and hand raise them.

To the left is Darla one of our Hereford heifers when she was just a calf.

Where to Buy Our Beef

and here is Darla all Grown up catching some shade in the woods with Ruby, MayBelle (our first cow) & Virginia