Our Chickens are raised on pasture on our farm.

How we raise our Chicken?

Chickens raised on sunshine. Well almost. Pastured chickens are humanely raised on lush green pasture where they forage for grass and bugs, while also eating an all natural grain that is chemical & additive free sourced from a local mill. The chicken pasture is herbicide, fungicide and pesticide free. They are moved daily to a fresh piece of pasture (sometimes twice a day) , this ensures that bacteria, germs and diseases are kept in check and their natural food isn’t decimated so no antibiotics are needed ever. For those wondering our chicken is also hormone free but all chicken sold in the US is hormone free as it is illegal to use hormones in poultry production. But not all chicken gets to live out their lives in swanky portable coops and be served a daily buffet of fresh greens!

Why buy our Chicken?

Pastured chickens are raised in their natural environment where they have access to fresh air, fresh grass and bugs. Try to get that in a barn! Their diet on pasture reflects their natural diet making the meat from a pastured chicken more nutritious. A study funded by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE) Program found pastured chickens have 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories & 50% more vitamin A compared to conventionally raised chickens. They have significant levels of omega-3 fatty acids, where a conventional chicken has none.
We do not produce chickens on a mass scale. We raise small batches of birds, not by the thousands. Each chicken tractor has only 30 birds, most times 25. This ensures that we can maintain the chickens best quality of life. If there is a problem with one of the chickens it is easier to pick it out of a crowd of 25-30 chickens than it is for the big guy out of a house of 10,000 chickens. The smaller housing also ensures that we are not walking in with the chickens, this scares them and causes undue stress. It also ensures that we can slowly move them by hand each day. Our chicken is processed at a USDA processor and frozen fresh.

Why is the fat on your chicken yellow?

Chicken from the grocery store has white fat. Our chickens has yellow fat. They are the same breed of chicken but because our chickens see the light of day and feast on grass & bugs their fat is yellow. Their diet is rich in carotenoid pigments such as beta carotene which comes from their pasture. This is what makes their fat a yellow color.

Where to Buy Our Chicken